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Renting vs Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine

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Renting vs Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine – Which is Better for your office?
Renting vs Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine – Which is Better for your office?

When getting a commercial coffee machine for your workspace, a common question we receive is, “is it better to rent or lease a coffee machine?” There is no clear-cut winner, and the best choice for you depends on your company’s needs.

Before diving into the pros and cons of each option, what exactly is the difference between renting and leasing? When renting a coffee machine, you have to pay monthly rental to the coffee machine supplier; while the rental is stipulated for an agreed period of time, you will have the choice to extend the agreement if satisfied with your supplier’s services. On the other hand, while the concept of leasing a coffee machine is somewhat similar to rental, the difference between the two is that at the end of a pre-determined lease period, you are given the choice to ‘buy over’ and become the owner of the machine by paying the remaining value of the machine.

With this difference in mind, let’s delve deeper into the advantages and suitability of the different options. 

This option is advantageous in that it offers greater flexibility; you are afforded the freedom to rent a particular model of a coffee machine for a short period of time to assess its suitability, before possibility switching to another machine model. Often, maintenance of the machine is also included in the rental agreement.

For companies that are just starting out and may not be willing to allocate a greater budget to purchase a coffee machine, we recommend the rental option. It provides offices the flexibility to switch between different machine models to figure out the best-suited machine to their work environment.

While substantially similar to the rental option, the perk of leasing is the option to own the coffee machine at the end of the lease agreement. For corporations that are looking to own their own coffee machine, yet are unable to afford the upfront payment associated with purchasing the machine, leasing allows you to ‘purchase’ the machine with minimal capital outlay, meaning capital can remain in the company account for more productive spending. 

Additionally, leasing a coffee machine allows for first-hand experience with the coffee machine, so its pros and cons are made known before you decide to ‘purchase’ the machine. You can be confident in the abilities of the machine to produce superior drinks for the years to come post-purchase.

Factors to consider before buying a coffee machine

Coffee machines come in different shapes and sizes, and possess different functionalities. When it comes to purchasing a coffee machine for your home or office, we recommend you taking into consideration these few factors to determine the best fit for yourself.

1. Cost

It is important to take into consideration the cost of a coffee machine, to find one that suits your budget. Different coffee machines have different prices based on the functionalities and features that the individual machine offers. For instance – a manual capsule/pod machine may cost much less than a touch-screen automatic coffee machine. 

2. Convenience of making coffee

The convenience of making coffee or the effort required to make coffee required by the coffee machine is an important consideration when looking for a coffee machine. This is an important factor as lifestyles can vary from buyer to buyer, and the ease of preparation best-suited to that lifestyle would determine the type of coffee machine that a buyer should get. For example, a person that has a busy work schedule, with hectic mornings, would benefit from the convenience of a one-touch super automatic machine or capsule machine, which would provide them quality coffee in an instant. 

3. Size and available space

Prior to purchasing your coffee machine, a key consideration is the size and available space for the coffee machine. A professional, full-kit coffee machine with a milk frother will definitely take up a lot more space in your home or office than a small bean-to-cup or capsule machine, therefore, it is important to ensure that your home possesses the requisite space to house your preferred machine. 

It is important to note that size does not correlate to quality, and there are numerous compact coffee machines that produce high-quality, delicious coffees. Fret not if your home or office lacks the space for a full-kit machine, a compact one will still provide equally delicious and aromatic coffee.

4. Purpose of buying a coffee machine

The type of coffee machine you should purchase depends heavily on its intended purpose. If you are planning to hone your barista skills at home or explore coffee from different roasters, you’d benefit from getting an espresso coffee machine, which affords you to try out different brands and types of coffee beans. If you are looking for a quick, convenient method of coffee making, a beans-to-cup machine is the more preferable option. In contrast, if you enjoy drinking a variety of different coffee-based drinks, yet desire convenience, a capsule/pod machine would suit your needs.

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