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How a good cup of coffee can affect your productivity
How a good cup of coffee can affect your productivity

A Cuppa in the Morning – How a good cup of coffee can affect your productivity

It is a common sight to see office workers getting a hot cup of coffee during the work day. Now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise – coffee is one of the most popular products that are consumed daily, and it is consumed in high volumes in every corner of the world. In fact, we’re pretty sure that without coffee, there would be an astronomical decline in productivity at work, and in the moods of everyday workers. Coffee is therefore the make-or-break factor in workspace productivity, and here are the reasons why.

  1. Boosting energy levels and alertness.

Coffee can be of help when someone comes into work feeling sluggish and lethargic. It has been scientifically proven that coffee increases energy levels and makes one feel less tired, resulting in improved performance on tasks at hand. A good shot of espresso thus helps to chase away tiredness, and improve productivity.

  1. Improving reaction time and memory

Aside from raising energy levels and alertness, coffee has been proven to improve workers’ performances, especially on tasks requiring more brain power. In fact, studies have shown that coffee helps improve one’s focus and memory, leading to less forgotten details and better decisions being made at work. Next time you go for a particularly long and arduous meeting, grab a good cup of joe beforehand to avoid spacing out.

  1. Increasing employee satisfaction

A happy employee is also a productive employee. A survey has found that free coffee is one of the most sought-after employee perks that affect how workers value the company they work for. A happy and satisfied worker thus will value their corporation more if provided with this perk, and tend to be more productive at work as a result.

It should be noted that while most companies offer free coffee to their employees, not many take the extra step to providing good-quality coffee – this could result in employees preferring to go out just to get a decent cuppa.

For corporations looking for an affordable yet quality coffee fix for their staff, check out our brand-new line of Italian Coffee – the Riserva Ground Coffee, with different tasting notes and blends to suit the different taste buds of your office. Or if your corporation already has a capsule machine, have a look at our new line of Nespresso-compatible Pittissima coffee capsules.

  1. Opportunity to socialize and take a break

When employees work non-stop for too long, this may result in more harm than good; workers tend to slow down and become more prone to mistakes, as well as suffer from neck and eye strains from staring at their screens.

Going to the pantry to get a cup of coffee gives workers a chance to recharge, and return to their work with greater focus. Coffee breaks also serve as a means for employees to socialize with each other, and get to know each other – and this will definitely come in handy when it comes to team projects

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